Free cloud storage app waistra

The new cloud culture

We understand the value of your memories and we'll keep them safe. Free unlimited cloud storage for music, video, photos and your office files.


Features & Overviews

Waistra is a completely new culture in cloud industry. Enjoy the power
enjoy new expirience of cloud. Waistra helps you to make your day to day life easier.


Carry your favorite playlist t waistra and listen your music anytime, anywhere..

File Management

Easy file management. Manage your files in hierarchical way on cloud. Access your files any where any time


Create your business page or use your business application on cloud .


Cloud Storage

Free cloud storage. No limits on your cloud storage. Free unlimited cloud storage.

File Sharing

File sharing is a fun now. Enjoy easiest file sharing on cloud. Share Files quickly


Follow pepoles and publish your content on public mode to show your work.


Free cloud storage and interactive file sharing.

No need to buy costly cloud storage services. Waistra offers you completely secure free unlimited cloud storage. Cloud storage is going to be fun now. Enjoy the new cloud culture.

  • Free cloud storage. Easy to use and secure.
  • Connect with people and share files.
  • Audio & video on cloud. Share you playlist.
  • No limit on your cloud storage. Upload unlimited.
  • 256 Bit encryption for secure cloud storage.

Business on cloud is never been easier. Build your business profile on wistra.

Now its one click away to move your business to cloud. Manage your business using cloud based business applications and generate more leads using your waistra profile. All process is easy and secure.

  • Get leads directly in your inbox.
  • Specialized tools available for you business domain.
  • Get good quality SEO backlink.
  • Everything is Secured via SSL.
  • Better and effective business mnagement.
  • Free cloud storage for business.

Easy File Sharing

Waistra is not just only a cloud storage app. waistra is a completely new cloud culture. Feel the power of waistra and join now. Share files easily on waistra.

Create Link

Create a link for your file and share this link with everyone.You will have the complete controll of your link. anytime you can delete or monitor this link.

Direct send

Send files directly to any user if user will accept this file. this file will directly uploaded in another users file manager. Its easy and effective way to share files.

Public Mode

No one is able to see your private files but if you put a file in public mode your followers can be able to access these files. Dont worry still they can download this directly from site.